Inquisitor is a silver ring with a gold inlay depicting a griffon with a flaring tongue and flaming blue eyes. The setting is a unique oval faceted black stone. Arcane runes are inscribed on the inside of the band.

Nonlegacy Game Statistics: Inquisitor; Cost 2,000gp; Weight -. Once per day you can attempted to impose a task on a creature that you touch similar to a Quest or Geas spell. The target remains under the effects of the spell for 10 days or until it completes the specified task (which ever comes first) and retains no memory since being touched by the wearer. It single mindedly pursues completion of the task save for basic survival activities such as eating and sleeping. Any task that would directly harm the target or a friend of the target grants a -5 penalty to the save DC. If the target takes 5 or more hit points damage in one round it is entitled to another saving throw. Will save DC 10 + your Charisma modifier negates.

Omen: When the ring is activated the black stone setting changes to a grey eye without a pupil that occasionally blinks.


Judging from the style of the inlay and setting, Inquisitor is of Illithid design. The arcane runes inscribed on the inside of the band represent aggressive mind-affecting powers. The griffon is the symbol of a legendary Illithid family that ruled over a millennia ago in the Ayrdonya underdark. The first ruler of this family was known as Trukallik. Legend states that the powers of his mind far surpassed that of any other Illithid then or since. Trukallik was a talented mage and was capable of making powerful magical items which gave him the means to gather enough wealth in order to rise to nobility. It seems likely that he created Inquisitor to aide him in rising to become the supreme ruler in the Illithid society. Trukallik rose to power from the lower echelon of society. His innate magical ability, single minded determination, and lust for power gave him the means to accomplish this nearly impossible task. Illithid society is ruled mainly by a small upper class consisting of few families. Those in the lower echelon working class have little chance in the devious, political world of the upper classes. Trukallik was the first Illithid to become a supreme ruler when he created the office of the Inquisitor. Since then, only those of his blood line have ever held the position. By all surviving records it appears that the lords of the other families supported the ascension even though there would have been no advantage for them to do such a thing. Over the years the ring, previously nameless, has come to be known as Inquisitor.

Before Trukallik rose to power he was forced into exile by a group of house lords that saw his growing wealth and innate abilities as a threat to their positions. Trukallik traveled deep into the underdark, deeper than any Illithad had traveled before. He discovered a unique gemstone and found that it had the ability to store and enhance magical energy to a degree that no other known substance could. There was only a very small stone that he managed to find and he used it to create Inquisitor.


Three rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of Inquisitor.
Trial of Influence (5th-9th level powers): You must turn two people who are allies against each other resulting in at least one attempt from each party at causing any type of harm to the other (physical, financial, status, etc…) and some benefit to you personally. Cost 2,300gp. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (Inquisitor).
Usurper: You must seize a position of power that is not rightfully yours that results in at least doubling your current wealth. Cost 12,700gp. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Inquisitor).

Table 1: Inquisitor

Character Level Skill Check Penalty Save Penalty Hit Point Loss Skill Point Loss Abilities
5th -
6th 2 3 Cunning Influence +2
7th -1 -1 Least Impose Task
8th 3 Infiltrate Mind
9th -
10th 2 Gain Ally
11th Obscurity
12th -2 -
13th 3 Lesser Impose Task
14th -2 -
15th Cunning Influence +4

Sorcerers, wizards, rogues, or bards are the most likely wearers of Inquisitor, but any character with arcane spellcasting ability might find it a useful tool.

Inquisitor Wielder Requirements
Ability to cast 1st-level arcane spells
Knowledge (arcane) 3 ranks
Any nonlawful alignment

All of the following are legacy item abilities of Inquisitor.
Cunning Influence +2 (Su): When you reach 5th level your ability to manipulate and influence people becomes sharpened. The item grants a +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma.
Least Impose Task (Su): At 7th level the primary power of the ring begins to grow. The Impose Task ability can now be used twice a day, lasts for 11 days or until the task is completed (which ever comes first), the target must take 6 or more hit points damage in one round to get an additional saving throw, and the Will save DC increases to 11 + your Charisma modifier to negate.
Infiltrate Mind (Sp): At 8th level you gain the ability to hear other creature’s thoughts. Once per day on command, you can use detect thoughts as the spell. The save DC is 13, or 12 + your Charisma modifier, whichever is higher.
Gain Ally (Sp): When you attain 10th level the secrets of the mind unlock for you. Five times per day as a swift action, you can use charm person as the spell. You trigger the effect by willing it while speaking with an intended target. The save DC is 11, or 11 + your Charisma modifier, whichever is higher.
Obscurity (Su): When you attain 11th level the ring becomes “tuned in” to your personal energy, camouflaging it against magical detection. It cannot be detected remotely through scrying, remote viewing, or other means of divination, as if continually affected by the obscure object spell.
Lesser Impose Task (Su): At 13th level the rings primary power becomes more pronounced. The Impose Task ability can now be used five times a day, lasts for 16 days or until the task is completed (which ever comes first), the target must take 11 or more hit points damage in one round to get an additional saving throw, and the Will save DC increases to 16 + your Charisma modifier to negate.
Cunning Influence +4 (Su): When you reach 15th level your ability to manipulate and influence people becomes further sharpened. The item grants an additional +4 enhancement bonus to Charisma.



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