One of the 64 angel wardens of the Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia.


Gamrial appeared to Valent Lhathoson, Daerris Talae, Bashaer, and Monrik in Episode 19.5 claiming to be an “Angel of the Lord”.

He said the following:

I have been watching you and your friends through your quest to save Ayrdonya. I have watched as the forces of Hell and of the Abyss have sought to gain control of you or your soul. You, Valent, are of an Angelic bloodline and I fear that these forces of evil seek to exploit that for some diabolical end. You have sold your soul to one of the lords of Hell; which one I do not know. You did this selflessly – sacrificing yourself for the good of your kind. Valent, when you died in the battle against the frost worm, Hell came for your soul. I petitioned the Infernal Court to allow your resurrection by arguing that you were crucial to the survival of Ayrdonya. Since the planet is a fertile ground for soul harvesting they granted the stay. You and your companions, Honor, have eliminated the immediate threat against the planet. Hell has again come for your soul but I have convinced them to…postpone the collection once again. But this time they require recognizance. They want you to find a devil captured in the Blood War by the Demon Hoards. I have the power to send two of your companions with you. Who then, do you choose?



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