Blood Line

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Adventure Background

After the Last War between the Ordanyan humans and spellweavers the warforged have continued the fight against the spellweavers for decades. The warforged have not been successful due to fighting amongst the warforged clans. The humans anticipated that this could happen once the constructs were given souls so they built a warforged that belonged to no clan known as the Arbiter. Knowledge of the Arbiter was locked within the subroutines of a warforged they called the Prophet. Legends of the Prophet and the Arbiter have been told amongst the warforged since their inception but most believed that it was little more than myth, until now. When the Nexus event occurred it triggered the Prophet subroutines of a warforged within the Leith clan. See Warforged of Ordanya: Sedar and Leith Clans appendix

Beginning the Adventure

Tralen emerges from the mouth of a miniature worm hole and finds himself standing on a desolate wasteland of crimson rock and dirt. A strange vehicle followed by a long dust trail approaches.

Sedar Scout Vehicle


• The vehicle contains 4 pilot/warrior Sedar and the Leith prophet.
• They saw Tralen emerge from the wormhole and recognized him as a Maker.
• They are headed to the Ground Control Station to seek the help of the Makers with finding the Arbiter.
• They heard of the Maker’s return from the Thiltran.
• The Sedar & Leith will freely share information with Tralen.

We’ve Been Followed

The Spellweavers created many constructs which they used in the war against the humans. Once the humans were destroyed many of these were simply left to wander. A herd of Gorgon has taken notice of the Sedar scout vehicle and has followed it to the Ground Control Station. They will charge in when the PC’s emerge to greet the Sedar and Tralen.


Magitite Refinery

The refinery is built in within a cavern 1,500 miles southeast of the Ground Control Station.

1. Entry

The opening to the cavern is preceded by a walled yard which contains several holding tanks, a landing pad for a Spellweaver fuel transport ship, and a Warforged Titan sentry. There are massive steel doors at the western edge of the wall that are barred shut and practically impenetrable. The wall is 20 feet high and is patrolled by 6 Guardian constructs.

Guardian image

2. Refinery

The entire refinery is contained in one huge chamber. Magitite ore is brought up through an elevator from the mine below then transported to a huge machine built into the northern wall. Pipes run along the wall and outside to holding tanks. Working in this chamber are 15 Warforged from the Zilz clan. The entire clan was captured by the Spellweavers and enslaved. A Spellweaver supervises the operation from an office built into the south wall. The Warforged are unable to fight due to magical collars that keep them charmed to continue working, even in the midst of battle. The collars must be Dispelled in order to be removed.

The office is elevated 10 feet so the Spell Weaver will exit onto a catwalk. PC’s will have to climb stairs to get to him. He may try to escape into the mine causing the PC’s to have to find a way to climb down the elevator shaft if they want to access the mine.

Spellweaver image

3. Office/Spell Weaver Quarters

This office serves also as quarters for the supervising Spell Weaver. There is only one Spell Weaver here at any given time and they rotate out every three months. There is a desk that contains piles of documents – if the PC’s search through and translate the strange language (unique to Spell Weavers) they will find it is statistics on the fuel production and when shipments leave the facility. Another tanker ship is due to arrive in 2 months.

Treasure: Wand of Cat’s Grace (50), 610gp.

4. Elevator to Mine

A large 25×25 foot elevator transports workers into and Magitite out of the mine. The shaft is deep and it takes a full 2 minutes to reach the bottom.

h2. Magitite Mine

While in the mine all arcane spells act as if they were maximized per the feat due to the magical radiation from the magitite.

1. Elevator Entrance

The elevator will open facing north to a 10×10 foot cavern with periodic iron beam supports. 2 Guardians are outside of the elevator and will immediately attack. 4 more will arrive from the “New Mine” that is unmapped to the west within 2 rounds.

Going west into the new mine are miles of 10×10 foot mine shafts with periodic iron supports. 40 more Zilz are at work mining the magitite. The magitite is loosened from the walls with hand tools and placed in carts which are then pushed to the elevator.

Going east ends in a 2-inch thick Wall of Iron blocking the way. This is the “Old Mine” and was blocked off many years ago due to unstable caverns and invasion of monsters from natural caverns. The Prophet will know that this is the way to the Arbiter.

2. The Old Mine

Just beyond the wall is a pair of Spellgaunts that have nested here. They feed on the magical energy from the magitite ore but are hungry for the refined energy they sense coming from the PC’s magic items.Spellgaunt image

Two of the creatures will be hiding (DC 27) and if not spotted by the front line of PC’s entering then they will attack with a surprise round. The other two will arrive from deeper in the caverns later in the battle.

Skullcrusher will warn Bashaer that it senses that this creature has the ability to destroy him – but will not be afraid to fight.

3. Eye Tyrant and its Pet

A beholder and its pet Lurking Strangler happen to be passing through the old mine tunnels. The Lurking Strangler has wandered ahead of the beholder and will “stumble” upon the PC’s. Lurking strangler imageIt will be curious about the strange creatures which it has never laid eyes on before. It will simply float in front of the PC’s observing them. If the PC’s approach it will attack and if they do not it will eventually float away and report back to the beholder.

Note: Daerris captured the Lurking Strangler and placed it in a belt pouch.

The beholder will ambush the PC’s if the Lurker warns of their presence. If the PC’s killed the Lurker then it will come along behind the PC’s just as they are about to exit the chamber and will find the dead Lurker. It will yell out in horror, “Noo! What have you done!” and it will begin weeping over its pet “Whispy”. It will then mercilessly attack the PC’s in a rage.Beholder image

4. Clockroaches

Long ago, when the old mine was in use Clockroaches were used to remove refuse from the caverns. The Clockroachs, wandering the caverns over the years, eventually became trapped Clockroach imagein a sub-chamber under area 4. The fell through narrow cracks that opened up long after the area was closed off. Each PC that crosses over the area causes a 10% cumulative chance of causing the 10×10 foot area to collapse (reflex DC 15 to leap to the nearest un-collapsed edge). The sub-chamber is roughly 40×40 feet and is teaming with the Clockroachs who will attack immediately the prone characters that fall within.

5. Roaming GrellGrell image

A pack of 3 grell are roaming the caverns looking for victims. They will attack the PC’s from behind when they are distracted by the clockroaches.

6. Entry to the Underdark

7. The Arbiter

This chamber holds the inactive Arbiter. He is standing on a circular platform surrounded by computer banks and machinery. A control panel is situated against the far wall. Once someone enters the center of the room a Balhannoth will attack.

Spot DC 34

A hulking creature with an ovoid body drops from the ceiling. It moves on six long tentacles instead of legs, and from between its shoulders protrudes a slavering mouth full of jagged, ripping teeth.

Balhannoth image
Treasure: Balhannoth egg. About the size of an ale keg.

The control panel requires entering a Fibonacci sequence on a 1-9 numeric keypad.

The hum of unseen machines fills the room as a flickering light illuminates the Arbiter from the platform below him. The crystal chamber in his chest begins to glow and slowly gains in strength. His head begins to rise and his glowing eyes open as the machines wind down and eventually return to their silent slumber. The Arbiter steps down from the platform and approaches you. The Prophet falls to his knees. The Arbiter steps up to him and places a hand on his shoulder, “Rise Prophet. For a new era has begun. The Warforged will join together as equals under one banner and we shall fulfill our destiny.”

Arbiter image

Concluding the Adventure

  • The Sedar and Leith will provide the PC’s with engineers and pilots.
  • The Arbiter and Prophet will begin traveling to visit all the clans of the Warforged to bring them together against the Spellweavers.

If the PC’s open the wormhole and return to Ordanya:

Tempest quickly gains altitude and escapes the grasp of the red planet with ease. You close on the Eye of the Storm as it activates. A thin blue stream of shimmering energy focuses on a point in space ahead of the ship and the wormhole opens. Suddenly in a flash of heavenly white light a man familiar to some of you appears next to you on the bridge.

Gamriel image

It is Gamriel. A creature that has appeared to Valent, Daerris, and Bashaer before claiming to be an angle of the true lord Allod. “I had thought you lost. I come bearing urgent news. The forces of the Abyss have begun their assault on your home. There is much to do and little time to do it in but it is not too late. Ayrdonya needs its heroes.”

BL:DAC#2 End Credits

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