Eye of the Storm

The Nexus

Crossroads of the Planes

The Nexus is a Demiplane created by the Ordanyan humans. From this plane it is possible to travel to any other plane but only with the use of a wormhole. There are no naturally occurring wormholes on the plane however the Ordanyan humans created a device that is capable of opening artificial ones. Without the device the plane is inaccessible and likewise to those within no other plane is accessible.

Nexus Traits

Normal Gravity
Normal Time
Self Contained Size: The Nexus is spherical plane that is approximately one light year in diameter. When the edges of the plane are crossed the traveler is deposited on the exact opposite edge of the sphere.
Alterable Morphic
No Elemental or Energy Traits
Mildly Neutral-Aligned
Limited Magic: Since the Nexus has no connection to any other plane, spells that require access to other planes will not function. If a wormhole is currently open directly to or indirectly to the plane of desired access then the magic works normally. Typical spells that require access to other planes are listed below. Spells marked with (F) are spells that use force effects, so they affect only creatures on the Nexus and not on the Ethereal Plane (unless there is access from a wormhole):

Astral Plane Ethereal Plane Plane of Shadow Elemental Plane
Astral projection Blink Dimensional anchor Avoid planar effects
Dimensional anchor Chamber Greater shadow conjuration Elemental swarm
Dimension door Dimensional anchor Greater shadow evocation Elemental body
Interplanar message Ethereal jaunt Shades Safety
Summon monster spells (I-IX) Etherealness Shadow conuration Summon monster (I-IX)
Teleport Explosive runes (F) Shadow evocation
Teleportation circle Forcecage (F) Shadow walk
Teleport without error Invisibility Purge Summon monster (I-IX)
Vanish Zone of respite
Zone of respite
Mage armor (F)
Magic Missile (F)
Make manifest
Maze (F)
Mordenkainen’s Sword (F)
Otiluke’s resilient sphere (F)
Otiluke’s telekinetic sphere (F)
See invisibility
Sepia snake sigil (F)
Shield (F)
Spiritual weapon (F)
Tenser’s floating disk (F)
True seeing
Wall of force (F)
Zone of respite
Zone of revelation

Spells that affect extraplanar creatures (Banishment), spells that establish planar connections (Commune, plane shift), and spells that create an extradimensional space within the Nexus (Rope trick, bags of holding) will function.


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