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We have now come to the end of the Blood Line journey that began 6 years ago. This campaign has been the most rewarding campaign I have ever DM’d. Your dedication as players brought life to our story. I thank you for that. And now, even without us guiding their actions, the Red Storm Company will continue with their various enterprises on Ayrdonya and else ware. And, when they are needed, will always be ready to defend their home no matter who (or what) the foe. I imagine that right now Tempest is landing outside of Stormfront to the adoring public of Riverstem cheering their return. Valent will unlock Stormfront’s doors and proclaim free drinks for everyone. Before long Darris and Tralen will have put away several pitchers of Stormbrew and will be recounting the story of their latest adventure – this one not requiring any exaggeration. Bashaer will be seen sitting at the bar whispering drunkenly into the ear of a beautiful, feral ranger who giggles at what he is saying. Alliah and Gor will sit together near the hearth and smile as they watch their companions, thankful that they were able to keep them alive at least one more time. Although one will be missing. Tristain will be absent from Stromfront’s common room but to those with the most acute hearing the sound of a petty criminal being decapitated in the ally will provide some evidence as to his whereabouts.
This campaign and Dungeons and Dragons in general has tempered our friendships. For some reason we put forth more effort to gather in camaraderie when D&D is the purpose of our gathering than if it were for a bar-be-cue or a night on the town. We must never lose this. With the conclusion of Blood Line I have decided to step down for a time as you all well know. So the Dungeon Master mantel must be taken up by others. I hereby pass the torch on to Cayle and Tim. Together you will lead us through the next chapter in our role-playing careers. I am honored to play in your campaign and I look forward to saving the world with Rich, Ron, Mary, Andy, Abel, and Matt.


I have decided that the Blood Line campaign will conclude in 3 more episodes making Episode 6 the last. The schedule currently stands as follows but is subject to change:

BL:DAC#4 – March 31
BL:DAC#5 – June 16
BL:DAC#6 – July 27

I am very much looking forward to stepping down and having the opportunity to focus on being a player for a while. I have been DMing without significant break since at least 1997 so it is time to take a leave and replenish my creative juices. During this time I will be working on the XD&D Room 3.0 (see below) and will be pre-writing my next campaign. My intent is to have the entire campaign written before beginning so that between sessions I will only need to do minor tweaking. I am also excited to take part in the upcoming DuskWar Saga DMed by Daerris and Geekdad. This will be a great experiment to see what kind of a playing experience a co-DMed campaign can provide. I anticipate that it will be very beneficial to the playing experience – especially since we play with such a large group.

D&D ROOM 3.0

After a couple of years I have made no progress on remodeling my garage. The roadblock that I have run into is heat. I can’t come up with a cost-effective means to heat it at all times. I could perhaps just heat it during sessions but I fear that the severe cold would damage D&D room items and would rather not have a situation where I have to remove them after every session. So, I’ve decided to instead remodel the current D&D room. It will include a new more traditional D&D table that will be rectangular in shape, new lighting, improved walls, a bar, and possibly player storage lockers. The bench that has served us so well for going on 6 years will be taken out and will free up a lot of space. Also the DM station will be removed and the DM will instead be stationed at the head of the table. The height of the table will probably still be low so that we can pull a couch up to one side of it – the other side will be seated with office, folding, or dining room chairs. A preliminary blue print will be released soon and I welcome any remodeling suggestions.



Greetings Blood Line members! It has been awhile since our last newsreel update. It appears as though the video embedding problems have been resolved so I will no longer be providing an additional link.

In other news…

Following completion of the Blood Line campaign your faithful DM will be stepping down to become but a lowly player for a campaign. There are rumors that Daerris and Geekdad might co-DM a campaign during my hiatus but nothing has been confirmed yet. I am considering putting together a modern setting campaign for when I return. I’m not sure what rule system to use yet so be on the lookout for something that might work well for us old d20 players.

The Gauntlet is still on schedule for the Friday night before our next session (the weekend of 4/6/12). Since Blood Line will be coming to a close – probably by the end of 2012 – I will be awarding XP for the monsters killed so we can accelerate level advancement.

Keep on rolln’



Due to technical problems with the video embedding service that OP uses I will start posting a link directly to YouTube for the campaign videos. The Intro Video is now linked so you should be able to view it consistently now.


Daerris e-mailed this video out. It’s definitely worth watching:


First thing I want to say is that the opening episode of the Demon Apocalypse Chronicles was a lot of fun. It was great to get everyone together again. Then new intro video will be posted on the home page soon and the new banner is already in place. You can find the old video and banner in the Book 1 Archives if you are feeling nostalgic. I encourage everyone to post an account of episode 1 from their character’s point of view in the Adventure Log section. There is an achievement in it for you if you do. Speaking of achievements it became apparent that the rules need a thorough revamping. If you would like to put in your two cents the discussion is underway here in the forums. There will be several updates coming soon including a map of Ordanya, stats for the new spaceship “Tempest”, and a page for each of the players displaying icons for the trophies that they have earned.


There are a couple of minor last minute changes before Episode 1 of the Demon Apocalypse Chronicles this weekend. For the achievements awarded for critical hits the description is now clarified to indicate that a natural 20 is required to qualify. Crit range attacks do not count for these achievements. Likewise with the achievements awarded for exceptional skill checks. The skills must be rolled and be relevant meaning that you cannot “take 20” and the skill check has to make sense in the context of the story. Finally, Unreachedshores has purchased a deck of fumble cards that we will be trying out the weekend. I added to the fumble rules that the player may choose to draw a card in the event of a confirmed fumble rather that roll the percentage dice.

See you this weekend!


Achievements! Achievements! Achievements! The new achievement system has generated a lot of buzz amongst the Blood Line players. Here is the latest news: the trophies that you earn will be posted on the OP website. An example of one is below. The boarder is copper indicating the achievement worth, the number in the upper left corner is how many times it was earned, and the symbol in the upper right indicates the class of achievement (global, secret global, or adventure specific).

Avatar of chronos


The Achievements, House Rules, and Fumble Chart have all been added to the OP. mdblimited has graciously offered to manufacture our achievement cards so a “thank you” to him for that. The new intro is coming along nicely – new character portrait submissions will be used if available otherwise I will choose one for you (right Tristan1976?).


Book 1 has finally come to a close. And since Demonthe Red Storm Company was successful in averting Armageddon we get to continue the campaign with book 2 “The Demon Apocalypse Chronicles” (DAC). This time the entire galaxy is at steak. I’m looking at a late July or early August time frame for kicking off the DAC. Two major discussions will be taking place over e-mail: Use of achievements and revamping the house rules. Production of the Book 1 summary DVD has begun and will hopefully be released before BL:DAC Episode 1. There will also be an entirely new video intro for DAC so I will be accepting new pictures and video for your characters and will be rewarding XP. You do not need to capture your own video – just direct me to where I can find it (for example Daerris might suggest: “Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure” 1:12:12 – 1:13:00). Thank you to mdblimited for supplying new logos – the demon head symbol is just a teaser. A new banner for the web site and logos for the intro will be released with the start of DAC.

Blood Line: The Demon Apocalypse Chronicles
The story is just beginning.


5 more days until Episode 20 “Averting Armageddon”! 6 more days until UFC 129! This will be an epic weekend – D&D, UFC, Catan, Booze, Good Food, and Good Friends. Those of you that will be unable to attend we will be sure to drink a few for you.

Those of you that have your characters on OP I have updated your experience points from Episode 19.5. I highly recommend that everyone put their character information on the site – it guarantees access to your character from anywhere therefore eliminates the possibility of anyone not having their character sheet at a session (happens to everyone at least once right?).


We are really starting to see what “OP” is capable of. Today I added some Ring tossmaps. The system is powered by Google Maps so you can navigate around, set locations, and link wiki pages to those locations. Pretty damn cool.

In other news, Daerris has suggested that rather than play Catan at our next session we should play some Ring Toss. Any takers?


Check out the snazzy new Catan Leader Board page! Congratulations to geekdad who won back his title from actualsun!


There is a problem with adding character biographies when the Takkisis Character Sheet is used. I have started a discussion on the problem in the Obsidian Portal Forums to see if we can get it resolved. Until then, I will post character biographies in the Wiki under the Characters heading for PC’s that have used the Takkisis Character Sheet.

So far we have 7 of 10 invited players registered on the web site and 3 character profiles created!


Welcome to the Blood Line blog! Over the first 20 episodes of our campaign I have experimented with various forms of managing our storyline. Some of these have been effective but all of them time consuming and difficult to navigate. As we enter the second book of the Blood Line epic I would like to launch this Obsidian Portal campaign site for campaign record keeping. Eventually I will add a synopsis of the story so far – then the blog will grow with each Blood Line episode. I encourage all of my players to build profiles and add character histories, thoughts, quotes, achievements, anything that will enhance the Blood Line world.

Stay tuned – the story has only just begun!


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