Warforged of Ordanya

The Sedar and the Leith

• Sedar: 29
• Leith: 46

Origin: The Sedar and Leith clans of warforged have been allies since the formation of the Twelve (clans). The original androids that were used in these clans were programmed to pilot, maintain, and build the Marker’s technology. What was left of the technology was entrusted to these two clans at the time of the Makers demise. Each clan carries a distinct role with regard to the tech; the Sedar are proficient with the operating vehicles and weapons and the Leith build and maintain them.

Territory: The Sedar and Leith clan homes are merged into one large, above-ground complex 1,000 miles south of the Ground Control Station. Due to their technology giving them a higher degree of mobility than the other clans they control the largest land-area of all the Warforged; approximately 2,000 square miles around the clan home.

History: Having the most powerful technology of all the warforged clans has given these clans the ability to hold the Spellweavers at bay. However, they have been unable to make a significant dent in the Spellweaver forces and have also been unsuccessful in bringing warforged clans together for any coordinated effort.

Government: Both clans are governed jointly by a ruling council of 6 elders – 3 from each clan.

Technology: The bulk of their technology is in the Progress Level 2 (d20 Future Core Rule Book) which represents typical tech that would be found on Ayrdonya and is the type of technology used by the rest of the warforged population. However, these clans are also in possession of some pieces of technology at Progress Level 5 including limited ballistic weapons, tactical armor, radio communication capability, limited computer systems, and magitite fuel powered land and air vehicles. This highest level of technology is very limited as it was built from items left behind by the makers. It also makes for an unusual combination of breast plate wearing, sword wielding warforged that are transported to battle in armored vehicles. There are also some strange combinations of the PL 2 and PL 5 tech such as ballista equipped with explosive warheads (reliant on magitite based explosives). Due to residual programming from the Makers they do still have the capability to operate and maintain technology up to PL 7 which would include starships like Tempest.

Prophet: After the Last War between the Ordanyan humans and spellweavers the warforged have continued the fight against the spellweavers for decades. The warforged have not been successful due to fighting amongst the warforged clans. The humans anticipated that this could happen once the constructs were given souls so they built a warforged that belonged to no clan known as the Arbiter. Knowledge of the Arbiter was locked within the subroutines of a warforged they called the Prophet. Legends of the Prophet and the Arbiter have been told amongst the warforged since their inception but most believed that it was little more than myth, until now. When the Nexus event occurred it triggered the Prophet subroutines of a warforged within the Leith clan.

Current Situation: The clans primary fuel source, refined liquid magitite, has been replenished thanks to help from the Red Storm Company. They once again control a magitite mine and refinery on the eastern edge of their territory. Now that the Prophet has emerged and the Arbiter has been activated the clans are directing all of their resources to assisting the Arbiter.


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