Ship characteristics using Chapter 4 “Starships” in the d20 Future Core Rulebook – Long distance travel rules used from Chapter 4 “Boats and Mules” in the Serenity RPG Book

Type: Ultralight
Subtype: Firefly
Size: Colossal ( – 8 size)
Dimensions (LxBxH): 191 × 128 × 53 feet
Weight: 2,400 tons
Fuel Capacity: 60 tons (600 hours)
Fuel Type: Liquid Magitite or Liquid Hydrogen
Speed Class: 4 cruise / 6 hard-burn
Tactical Speed: 3,500 ft. (7 sq.)
Defense: 7
Flat-footed Defense: 5
Autopilot Defense: 5
Hardness: 20
Targeting System Bonus: -
Crew: 4 (trained plus 4)
Hit Dice: 16d20 (320 hp)
Passenger Capacity: 4 double cabins aft of #2 hold
Cargo Capacity: 400 tons in hold #1; 100 tons in hold #2
Initiative Modifier: plus 2
Pilot’s Class Bonus: plus 3
Pilot’s Dex Modifier: plus 2
Grapple Modifier: plus 8
Gunner’s Attack Bonus:
Restriction: Restricted (plus 2)
Attack: -
Attack of Opportunity: None

Standard Design Specs

Engines: Reaction thruster / Pulse drive
Armor: Polymeric
Defense Systems: Autopilot system, damage control system (1d10), magnetic field, radiation shielding, sensor jammer
Sensors: Class II sensor array
Communications: Radio transceiver
Weapons: -
Grappling Systems: None
Maintenance Costs: 9,600gp/year

Current Condition

Flight Status: Minimal function for short range – not capable of leaving atmosphere
Fuel Remaining: 1 ton (10 hours)
Damage: None
Maintenance Needed: Routine annual maintenance required – 1 week with full maintenance crew

Chest of Holding


Tempest nose artThis Firefly class starship was part of a series of similar ships built by the Ordanyan humans for the purpose of magitite exploration in their local Ayrdonya star cluster. When the Last War started with the Ordanyan Spellweavers the ships were repurposed for reconnaissance and troop transport.
The ship’s layout is complicated by the systems package design. The bridge sits high and well forward on a gooseneck. The bridge includes stations for pilot, copilot, and flight mechanic on the main level, and for sensor / comms operator on tandem step-down in the nose. Aft of the bridge, in the gooseneck connecting to the main body, the crew quarters are located beneath the corridor leading to the common room. The common area itself dominates the top third of the ship’s midsection and includes a full galley, storage, and shower facilities. Further aft, behind the constriction caused by the external portion of the grav spinner, are the engine room and internal portions of the combined drive – pulse, power, and life support.
The main cargo hold is located directly beneath the common room in the midsection. Catwalks lead to the port and starboard over-wing bays and down into the hold. The over-wing bays hold two 20-ton shuttles, Lightning and Thunder. The rest of the engine section surrounding the drive room is a second cargo hold on the lowest level. This sometimes causes weight and balance problems with loading heavy cargo in the after hold.
The main hold opens through the forward airlock onto a cargo ramp, with a built-in postern hatch for personnel access while the ramp remains up. An additional hatch in the underbelly allows cargo to be slung into the hold at a hover. When the ship is on the ground, drive-protective skids and landing stabilizers make that hatch usable.

Tempest Hanger in the Ground Control Station on Ordanya in the Nexus

Ground control station tempest bay


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