Green – Lady Green – Lofe – Green Tea – Seaweed – Dungeon Love

(Rare, DC 25 to identify) Loffels are small green plants that resemble a clover. They are usually found growing near underground water sources in areas rich with magitite and sometimes along with other underground plant life. Loffels have great healing properties. For every one eaten, a creature is healed of 1d6 hp. They can be eaten as much as desired, but can become addictive (each time a loffel is eaten, there is a 5% chance of becoming addicted) and affect the judgment and performance of the character (-1 to all rolls for 5min per five loffels). Characters addicted to the loffel require at least five a day or they lose two hit points if a constitution check is failed (DC 10). These hit points cannot be healed naturally, or by eating more loffels. When a PC is brought to zero, he dies form withdrawal. A remove disease spell, or making five consecutive successful constitution checks, will cure the character. The loffels can live five days after picked and cannot be preserved. Dried loffels can be smoked to stave off withdrawal symptoms but does not produce any healing. Smoked loffels can also become addictive. After 1 week of daily use there is a cumulative 1% chance per day of becoming addicted. Rules are the same as eaten loffels with regards to being addicted. Loffels, eaten or smoked, produce a feeling of euphoria and well-being, thus the addictiveness of the plant.



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