Starbord shuttle craft from Tempest


Ship characteristics using Chapter 4 “Starships” in the d20 Future Core Rulebook – Long distance travel rules used from Chapter 4 “Boats and Mules” in the Serenity RPG Book

Type: Ultralight
Subtype: Short-Range Shuttle
Size: Huge ( – 2 size)
Dimensions (LxBxH): 25 × 13 × 10 feet
Weight: 20 tons
Fuel Capacity: 1 tons (1,000 hours)
Fuel Type: Liquid Magitite or Liquid Hydrogen
Speed Class: 1 cruise / 3 hard-burn
Tactical Speed: 3,500 ft. (7 sq.)
Defense: 13
Flat-footed Defense: 11
Autopilot Defense: 9
Hardness: 20
Targeting System Bonus: -
Crew: 1 (trained plus 4)
Hit Dice: 4d20 (80 hp)
Passenger Capacity: up to 8 on fold down benches or cargo
Cargo Capacity: 12 tons
Initiative Modifier: plus 2
Pilot’s Class Bonus: plus 3
Pilot’s Dex Modifier: plus 2
Grapple Modifier: plus 8
Gunner’s Attack Bonus:
Restriction: Licensed (plus 1)
Attack: -
Attack of Opportunity: None

Standard Design Specs

Engines: Reaction thruster
Armor: Polymeric
Defense Systems: Autopilot system
Sensors: Class II sensor array
Communications: Radio transceiver
Weapons: -
Grappling Systems: None
Maintenance Costs: 80gp/year

Current Condition

Flight Status: Incapacitated
Fuel Remaining: 1 ton (1,000 hours)
Damage: Severe – 0 hp
Maintenance Needed: Complete overhaul and reconstruction – 3 months with full maintenance crew and parts salvaged from Thunder.


Found by the Red Storm docked on the Tempest in BL:DAC#1 “Nexus”


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