Bashaer’s War Chant

May the Gods watch over him
As they consider what he’s done

But now his epic way to grow in strength
Deep in a cave, his power became unrestrained
And his legacy is spread, to the deepest of the earth
The one that brought them vengeance, that fights for the weak

He can swim through stone, he has a lava hammer
His temper has slaughtered, his scream can kill the weak

He’s got fire

He’s got strength

A master at the art of war, enemies weep tears of stone

So he swims towards a battle-ready army
Invited by a clan who bleeds from their wounds
This man who beckons you wades in the earth
Speaks an ancient language, this language is of stone

Gods say he’s the one that they decree
The one that can save us, and set us free
He’s gained the power of a deity
He has the strength to wake us from this sleep

And so you fight on
Fight on
And so you fight on
Fight on
Keep fighting now

And he gives to the armies this warning
If this path is chosen, you’ll be met with strife
For you’ll be seen as an enemy of the sacred
And the Gods will curse you for the rest of your life
And he says

I get by just fine,

I’ve known much worse life.

I’ve conquered dark times,

You should fear my fight.

So now he knows

Go then swim up through the stone

He harnesses his strength
because one day he may be called
To meet the mighty gods, deep within the earth
And if he’s not prepared, his soul will not be spared

And his eyes have gone grey,
he’ll never look back
He’ll never stop fighting, you’ll always be attacked

His life has transformed, his power has grown
You minions stretch for leagues,
for a bloody obsidian throne

A crown of slaughtered foes, will sit upon your head
Those that wish to challenge him
Will wish that they were dead

The beasts of the earth will collect and submit
Pray for forgiveness, and live as he permits

And he’ll say:
I am the Earthen God



Blood Line Bashaer