Blood Line

BL:DAC#3 Homecoming

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Beginning the Adventure

Tempest emerges from the wormhole and through the cockpit windows is a truly majestic sight. The great blue orb that is Ayrdonya is utterly breathtaking. Until now you have never had the chance to appreciate its beauty. After a moment you are able to identify the continents and approximately where Riverstem is – somewhere within the vast greenery of the Corritorn Forest.

As Tempest approached Ayrdonya the angel, Gamriel put his hand to his temple as if listening to some communication and then announced that he had to leave immediately. Before disappearing he advised the Red Storm that there were demons wandering Ayrdonya that must have come through a portal. He said to find out as much as they can about demons, the Abyss, and what they might be up to then to find the portal and close it. With that he vanished.
The Red Storm decided to board the shuttle craft Thunder to return to Stormfront leaving Tempest in orbit. Unit 415 piloted Thunder to the surface landing in the street outside of Stormfront. The Red Storm was then greeted by a mob of adoring citizens cheering with excitement at the return of Riverstem’s heroes.

The Red Storm then entered Stormfront to find a small contingent of the White Dragon Guard lead by Captain Arimond screening patrons for what they said was the Crimson Scourge. The Red Storm was suspicious and, other than Tralen, refused to submit to the screening then intimidated the soldiers out of Stormfront.

Hope was running Stormfront upon the Red Storm’s return. She informed the group that Gwen and (dwarf) had left for Kingsbridge when the group did return. Then, a turnip farmer named Dale from a nearby farming commune arrived gravely injured. He had tried to get assistance at the cities temples but they were all locked down. He said that a few days ago he awoke in the middle of the night to a bright light coming into his bedroom window. It scared him so he hid in his cellar and when he emerged hours later he found the entire commune (including the animals) dead. The bodies appeared to have had all of their flesh burned from their bones. He set out for Riverstem (a two day walk) and was chased by “giant vultures” and barely escaped with his life. He pulled up his shirt to reveal a tangle of irritated, bleeding viney growths covering it. The group took Dale in under their care and protection.

The group closed down Stormfront and confronted Hope. They quickly found out that Hope was possessed by a demon and conducted an exorcism. They then found Gwen and (dwarf) tied up in the basement dungeon. After salting all of the entrances to Stormfront they sent out Valent to speak with Captain Arimond at the city guard tower.

When Valent arrived at the guard tower he found all of the guards possessed by demons. They attempted to capture him but he managed to barely escape back to Stormfront. The enraged Red Storm immediately left for the guard tower. In route they encountered a group of demon possessed city guards and with some difficulty dispatched all of them. They then returned to Stormfront to regroup.

Through the use of some of Gor’s divining, the Red Storm discovered that there was an open portal on a battlefield on the northern front of the Trillian/Tesh conflict. Unit 415 was contacted and instructed to meet them at the farm with Tempest.

With Tempest the group was able to locate the exact location of the portal and found that it was guarded by a demon hoard. After much planning the Red Storm assaulted the demon hoard by flying in from opposite directions with Thunder and Lighting. They bombed the demon hoard as they flew in with 40 pound powder kegs, effectively decimating the hoard. Daerris then leaped from Thunder and confronted a Balor at the mouth of the portal. With several well-placed blows he defeated the beast which then exploded. The explosion knocked both shuttles from the sky – completely destroying Thunder and killing the Warforged pilots in both craft. Alliah then pulled herself from the wreckage of Thunder and closed the portal with a few Arcane incantations. A few of the vulture like Vrock demons managed to escape but the rest of the hoard was destroyed. Moments before the portal closed Daerris noticed a dark elf standing inside (a seemingly endless bog) watching them – then nodding slightly before the portal closed.

Tempest was brought in and the Red Storm salvaged the incapacitated Lighting and loaded the dead Warforged to be returned to their tribe on Ordanya.

BL:DAC#3 End Credits

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