Blood Line

Dungeon master s account

Adventure Background

The planet Ordanya has been brought to a Material Plane pocket dimension known as the Nexus. It now orbits the only star on the plane and is secluded from the rest of the Ayrdonya cosmos. The event has caused one of the most savage clans of warforged, the Lurd, to attack the neighboring clan Thiltran.
A sapphire gem dragon known as Quaormath happened to be on Ordanya when the planet was brought to the Nexus so is now trapped on the plane.
The Ordanyan humans that built the space station (see BL#20) also built a ground based control station on the surface of Ordanya. The functionality of the ground control station far exceeds what can be done on the station. The space station’s control module was destroyed when it passed through the worm hole so the only way to operate the device is from the ground based station. The Ordanyans theorized that the Nexus plane might exist. They worked into the programming of the wormhole device to attempt to open a passage to the Nexus upon its’ first activation regardless of the material plane coordinate entered into the space station control module. From this plane a wormhole can be opened to almost any plane in the cosmos.

Beginning the Adventure

You slowly regain consciousness and look around you in confusion for a moment before your memory becomes clear. You are aboard the shuttle craft with your companions and the woman that you rescued from the space station. Peering past Unit 415 and out the cockpit window you see the space station now in orbit around Ordanya and Ordanya now in orbit around a red star. The strangest thing as that there is nothing else. The rest of the sky is completely devoid of stars – only an inky black void.


The heroes are surprised by the appearance of an elven cleric of Oprapic in their shuttle craft. He explains that he was in the process of a Plane Shift when he appeared in their craft. They surmise that the wormhole caused his spell to malfunction but they readily accepted him into the Red Storm Company. His name, Karvelthius.

Unit 415 informs the group that the control module on the space station appears to be broken according to the readings he is getting from the shuttle craft. He also picks up some kind of a radio beacon from the surface of the planet – somewhere within a 100 square mile area in the northern hemisphere. They decide to have Unit 415 drop them off on the planet surface so they can investigate and they send Unit 415 and Ripley back to the space station to see if it can be repaired. Unit 415 says that with the stations antenna he will be able to boost the shuttle crafts radio signal and will be able to contact them on the surface. Just in case, they make arrangements to be picked up at the drop-off point in 10 hours should radio contact prove impossible.

Entering Ordanya

The shuttle begins to shutter as you enter Ordanya’s atmosphere. The view out of the cockpit is temporarily obscured by a fiery cloud that gives way to a desolate landscape. You see no trees and no apparent bodies of water. The sky is tinted red as is the ground below you. Something catches your eye in the distance as you approach the surface. It appeared to be a very large flying creature but it was only visible momentarily before it disappeared behind a jagged ridge.


After landing and disembarking the ship the heroes hear the sounds of battle coming from around a nearby ridge. They quickly move to investigate.

Warforged Skirmish

They interrupt an attack by a dozen Lurd Warforged on a small group of three Thiltran Warforged. After some discussion they find out that the Lurd are blaming the Thiltran for angering the gods and awakening the “sky worm” that swallowed the stars. They make an agreement with with the leader of the Lurd ambush party, Zarolin to kill a gem dragon and return the heart so they can use it to make 4 essence crystals. They send a Lurd named Rumere to guide them to the dragon lair.

Quaormath’s Lair

Reaching the lair requires a dangerous climb up the side of steep inactive and ancient volcano. The entrance is not visible from the ground due to cleverly placed boulders but can be easily found and accessed if one knows its’ approximate location.


These caverns have been magically carved from ancient lava flows by Quaormath to serve as his material plane lair. The ceiling height of the caverns is approximately 50 feet high unless otherwise noted.

1) Entrance Cavern: This cavern ends in a sheer cliff that drops 500 feet. The opposite wall is 50 feet away from the cliff edge.

2) The Dragon’s Throne: This chamber is where Quaormath deposits all of his dung and refuse. It also serves as a nesting area for a click of giant bombardier beetles which feed on the waste.

3) Quaormath’s Kitchen: This chamber contains a nest of 7 large Monstrous Spiders of the hunter variety, Quaormath’s favorite food. The spiders subsist on the Bombardier Beetles which is evident by the multitude of beetle remains in the nest chamber.

4) Reception: This massive chamber has a 150’ ceiling at the edges and a 200’ ceiling at the center. The floor of the chamber is bowl shaped. It is in this chamber that Quaormath will face the PC’s. He will appear in the cavern leading to his sleeping chamber and will first ask the PC’s what they are doing. He will try to find out why he is no longer able to access other planes. Once he has the information he wants or becomes board he will attack. If the PC’s display any hostility at all he will attack.Quaormath

“Why have you invaded my home?”

“I don’t care for humanoids. Too many bones and trinkets; not enough meat. Although, I might make an exception for you wizard. You look like you would make a fine meal indeed.”

“Do you have anything to do with the disappearance of the stars? Ignorant humanoids always meddling with things that should not be meddled with!”

Quaormath is defeated by the Red storm.

5) Sleeping Chamber: This chamber contains a bed of coins and gems and a few left-over pieces of monstrous spider here and there. The walls are adorned with 3 fine tapestries depicting three different landscapes (mountain, desert, forest), 4 silk pennants embroidered with heraldic symbols that are unidentifiable (they do not come from any planet/plane known to the PC’s), a painting of a Halfling cleric of Oprapic, and an ornate plaque reading, “Welcome to Silverpoint”. On the north end of the room is a life-size golden statue of a dwarven defender wielding a great axe.

Treasure: 30,818 gp, 1,732 pp. 2 malachites (11 each), 3 deep blue spinels (400 each), 5 alexandrites (600 each), 4 rich purple corundum (1,200 each), 3 fine tapestries with silver filigree woven into stitching (100 each), 4 silk pennants embroidered with heraldic symbols (110 each), a painting of halfling cleric of Oprapic wearing vestments of shimmering green (600), ornate plaque reading “Welcome
to Silverpoint” (800), life-size gold-plated statue of a dwarven defender wielding a greataxe (1,100).

6) Illithid Chamber: Four massive 10 foot diameter by 30 foot tall glass cylinders contain 15 Illithid corpses each suspended and preserved in some sort of yellow tinted fluid. Scattered about the room are perfectly cylindrical rock pedestals (magically created by the dragon) displaying various treasures. The 2nd cylinder contains a sealed chest at the bottom center that can be noticed with a spot check DC 15 by anyone peering inside. Coming into contact with the fluid requires a fortitude save DC 25 or be poisoned (Initial & Secondary 1d6 CON). The chest is unlocked and contains the items listed below.

Treasure: A pair of dragonfly-shaped earrings
made of green glass, blue enamel, and gold wire (200
each), cockatrice-quill pen with petrified pixie head
inkwell (400), 4 jade six-sided dice (400 each), teak serving
tray with ancient elvish verse inlaid in gold (400), crystal
snow globe with wyrmling white dragon claw stand (500),
double-stemmed pipe crafted from femur of hell hound
(500), gossamer veil set with tiny citrines (500), aquamarine
sculpture of cresting wave topped by silver triton (600), ceremonial forge hammer with fire opal set into head (600),
finely worked brass trumpet with detailed acid-etching (700), curtain of cut-crystal beads in rainbow colors strung on fine gold chain (900), collection of leatherbound tomes of arcane knowledge (grants +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge [arcana] checks) (1,000), mithral-inlaid dwarf keg tap set with emerald (1,300).

Items in Chest: Rod of wonder, sword of subtlety, potion of fly*, ring of water walking, wand of cure moderate wounds (33 charges), +2 chain shirt of acid resistance, ring of protection +5*, cube of frost resistance, wand of greater invisibility* (26 charges).

7) Drow Chamber: The walls of this room are covered with small shelves, hundreds of them of about 2×2 foot square. On each of them is the disembodied head of a drow. Long rows of squared stone display various treasures.

Treasure: One-foot-tall marble statuette of elf wizard
with crystalline lightning extending from her outstretched
hands (1,300), platinum scepter topped by sculpted ivory
illithid head (1,300), velvet-lined cherrywood box with gold
inlay (1,400), pixie statuette carved from single emerald
(1,500), tiny ruby lens set into small gold loop (1,500), wireposable statue of an elf wearing a jewel-inlaid cloak (1,700), crystal phylactery designed to hold perfume (empty)
(2,000), trumpet of unicorn horn with gold mouthpiece
(2,100), carving of rainbow jasper that looks like a dragon
when held one way and looks like a cat sleeping when held
another way (2,600), crystal vase etched with scene of dragons soaring through clouds (3,000)

8) Abolith Chamber: Six huge Abolith’s are displayed on massive stone pedestals. They have been preserved by some sort of taxidermy. Around the Aboliths are various treasures.Click for Hoard Player Handout

Treasure: ceremonial dagger carved from single piece of purple amethyst (3,500), gold ring with diamond and inscription reading “Always” (3,500), gold wire spider web with miniature adamantine spider (3,500), marble bust of helmed human with draconic features and sapphire eyes (3,500), diamond-studded belt buckle with symbol of Iyn (4,000), platinum statuette of robed woman holding open book on hip (4,000), triptych enameled in bright colors on three panels of electrum showing scenes of devils and angels in desperate conflict (5,000), dragonhide half mask studded with white and black pearls (9,000).

All treasure is loaded into the magical chest on the shuttle craft while the spell casters rest.

Home of the Thiltran

The PC’s return to the ambush site with the dragon heart and trade it for the Thiltran captive. The former captive, Righjo is grateful and brings the PC’s back to Thiltran clan home.

Current population: 39

• Sturdy iron door guarded by two warforged fighters (as above) and a warforged titan. Knock and an eye slot opens, inside guards must open the door to gain access.
• A 10×10’ passageway descends underground 50 feet and then curves to the left to enter into a common area.
• Common area is hundreds of feet across and contains very human looking features like weapon’s shops, taverns (that serve a distilled magitite substance the effects the warforged like alcohol).
• Numerous passages lead from the common area to privet chambers, temples and the like.

The clan leader, Indwiir agrees to provide a guide to the “makers” ruins which the PC’s suspect is the ground control station. The guides name is Lylmere. He brings them to the mouth of a ravine and tells them that the entrance is near the end. He will not go any further because inside of the ravine is Lurd controlled territory.

Ravine of Death

The PC’s will have to travel through a ravine to reach the door to the ground control station. This ravine is being used as a hunting ground for a clutch of Yrthak. It is ideal due to the instability of the ravine walls. They are able to use their sonic lance attacks to cause landslides that kill their prey. The PC’s will see one of these creatures fly overhead then after about 1 minute four of them will strafe the ravine causing a landslide.

The Yrthak will then begin an aerial assault using their sonic attacks with fly-by attacks. They will only come close enough to the PC’s to reach them with their attacks and will avoid melee battle.

The PC’s defeat the Yrthak and soon arrive at the Ground Control Station

Ground Control

Not far from the Yrthak attack the PC’s will come upon the entrance to the ground control station. There is an oxidized metal door embedded into a sheer rock wall. There are 20 deadbolt style locks lining the right side of the door. The locks do not require keys and can be moved to the left or right however the unlock position could be either one. This means that there are 1,048,576 different possible combinations. The current setting is:

L, L, R, L, L, L, R, L, R, R, L, R, L, R, R, L, R, R, L, R

The correct combination is:

L, R, R, R, L, R, L, L, R, L, L, R, L, R, R, R, L, R, L, L

With a spot check DC 20 the PC will notice a skeletal hand sticking out from a nearby rubble pile that looks to be the result of an old landslide. If the PC’s uncover the remains they will find that it is a humanoid body wearing a combination of leather and fabric clothing. It has a smashed energy rifle and a backpack. Inside the backpack is a smashed canteen, the remains of rations, 20 feet of silk rope, a pouch filled with iron shavings, and a fist-sized magnet.
This man was one of the very few remaining humans that met his demise four decades ago. He set out to find the ground control station and intended to use his metal shavings and magnet to determine whether the dead bolts were locked or not by placing the magnet on the locking mechanism and sprinkling the metal shavings on the stone frame of the door. If the bolt was in place the shavings would stick to the stone.

Steel Door: 4 in thick; Hardness 12; HP 240; Break DC 40

The door opens to a staircase going down and opens into a 100 foot diameter circular chamber. In the center of the room is a circular metal table surrounded by a dozen similar metal chairs. On the wall to the right is a massive monochrome screen that is currently displaying a 3D line image of the space station, the spars solar system that Ordanya is now in, and a worm hole. Across the top in Ordanyan writing it says “Analyzing”. Below it is a counter with numerous buttons, lights, and levers on it. There are 13 other doors leading from this room not including the opening to the staircase. Twelve of the doors open into 20 foot diameter circular rooms that are quarters for occupants of the ground control station (includes a simple bed, desk, closet, sink, shower and toilet). The 13th door leads to a hanger containing the space craft that is home to the PC’s shuttle craft. The hanger doors are in the ceiling.

Adventure Conclusion

You return to the control room and look up at the massive monochrome screen. It is now displaying a representation of the wormhole with thousands of lines leading from it various 10 digit numbers. Across the top of the screen in Ordanyan it reads, “Transport to Nexus Confirmed”


CharacterAdventure XPNew XP Total

Tralen s account

The last thing I remember is the shuttle getting pulled into the black hole and then blackness. I awoke to the sounds of battle. Clanging, slash, crackle, thoom, boom and then overwhelming heat that took my breath away. When I finally got my berings I was laying face down on a cool stone floor. Looking over to my right there were five, what looked like dwarves in heavy armor fighting a monstrous beast. All around myself and the dwarves, was a swarm of goblin like creatures I had never seen before. Figuring my best bet would be to side with the dwarves. I stood up and willed my armor to the guise of Honor. The goblin creatures, being preoccupied with fighting for their lives none of them noticed me until it was too late. I was surrounded on all sides. So I let loose a bladewind attack that took out eight of them. That unfortunately got the attention of everyone on the battlefield, including the monstrous beast that after getting a better look seemed to be made of shadow or mist or something. charging my mind blade with psionic energy I willed my armor to make me untraceable and charged the beast. When I hit the beast, I let loose the psionic energy and it screamed in agony and slumped over dead at my feet. I screamed “One hit one kill, Mother fraker.” The goblin creatures scuttled away into the darkness. They seemed not have the heart for battle anymore after destroying the beast. The dwarves immediately turned on me and weapons at the ready. One of the dwarves said in a thick accent, “Where di’ ye crawl yur arse from? tis not wise ta be startlin’ a bunch of dwarves.” I replied “I’m not sure.” They gave me puzzled look. “Well, ya can’t be all that bad ya took care of that beast for us.” one of the other dwarves chimed in. "Let’s make camp, down a couple pints, and get ta know each other " that comment was met with a hearty “ei!” from all the dwarves.

We found a suitable area to make camp and one of the dwarves cracked open a keg and poured a round. I introduced myself as Tralen Winterborn of The Red Storm Company and I further explained my predicament. The dwarves introduced themselves as well. Capt. Thaddeus Forgestone, Ensign Glat MacDougall, Slayer 1st class, Brom Hammerstrike, Hunter 2nd Class Kiln Darbin, and Deacon Arn O’Malley of the Brotherhood of the Planes. Captain Thaddeus, making conversation, said that the symbol on my armor was familiar to him. That’s when I realized my armor still had the Honor symbol on it, so much for my secret identity. He explained that his unit was a elite unit that tracks down extra planer creatures and either banishes them or follows them in to their native plane and destroys them. He further explained that their duties often take them to different worlds. Awhile back the Captain and his men were on a mission on Ayrdonya and they happened upon an etching with the Honor symbol and a warning for evildoers to beware. He also said he heard talk of the exploits of the group calling themselves Honor. But, no one seemed to know who they were. I explained that my identity is supposed to be secret and they all assured me that my identity was safe with them.

I answered the dwarves questions and them mine. We tipped a few back and told some war stories. I volunteered to take first watch with the Captain. I asked him “Where’s home for you?” “Ahh, a world called Targen. Not that I spend much time there. Tis a small world with mostly dwarves. It will be good to be Back. At headquarters we have an extensive library and I remember reading about a world called Ordanya. One book I remember mentioned something about a space station and worlds colliding. Maybe that will have some answers for you?” I replied “I am honored that you would allow me to accompany you.” “ei, me boy tis the least we could do to repay you for your assistance earlier.”

When we broke camp the Captain ordered the Deacon to “Take us home, me boy.” We all gathered around Deacon Arn and he started chanting, there was a bright flash of light and our surroundings changed from that of cold dark stone to a bright beautiful forest road. “This way, headquarters is about an hour walk.” I asked “Why did we have to teleport so far away?” the Captain explained that their headquarters was warded against teleporting directly on the premises. The brotherhood’s headquarters was an unassuming high walled fort with a small town inside that is totally self sustaining. I saw a weaponsmith, blacksmith, as well as other shops of various wares, a church, library, a bunch of inns and taverns, and a huge main fort that seemed to be the center of activity. Thaddeus explained to me that the fort was warded by many kinds of magic and fortified with strong dwarven magic. He also added that they could withstand a siege for over a year. They have stores and underground tunnels escape and to resupply. I asked Thaddeus who is in charge? he replied that The Lord Marshall is in charge and happens to also be his father. “I will introduce you to him later at the feast. We always have a feast when the Devil Dogs return from a mission. But, first lets get you to the library.”

After a few hours of study and after reading through a few thick tomes I found the reference that Thaddeus was referring to. It made mention of a base station and space station that could open a wormhole and prevent Ordanya from colliding with Ayrdonya. it also mentioned that the creators of the device build in a failsafe the would send Ordanya to “The Nexus”. I tried to look into what “The Nexus” was but I could only find vague references to it. I researched that it is a demiplane where you can’t travel to or from without assistance. Knowing that Thaddeus and his dwarves travel to different planes all the time I figured I would ask him if he knew anything about “The Nexus”. The Captain had heard of it and knew the only way to get to it was from Ordanya. But if Ordanya was in “The Nexus” how am I going to get back to my brother’s in arms. Thaddeus introduced me to a sage in town that might be able to help. His name is Grimferd Ornwaller and is one of the very few gnomes on the planet and was originally from Ordanya. He looked like he was about 1000 years old but assured me he was only 350 years old. His little house was stacked to the ceiling with a huge array of items. I think I even say a pickled pixie. I also think he might be a hoarder. I explained how I got separated from my party and all the events leading up to that point and what led me to him. “hmm……..let me see……” He rummaged through a relatively large pile of scrolls he pulled out a metal scroll case and exclaimed “ahh here it is!” He explained that the scroll inside was a spell scroll summon a wormhole to travel to any plane of existence. What is even more unique he explained is that is contains the holy and arcane spell ’ Fliberdi Flaps Wormhole Generator’. Let’s just say the name didn’t instill confidence in me that it would work. I asked Thaddeus if Deacon Arn could cast this spell. Grimferd piped in and said “Oh easily he is a very powerful cleric…. oooh yes indeed.” He gave me the scroll and said good luck. I asked if he would like any payment for the scroll he replied with a wink “I already got my payment.” I looked at him strange and left his little hovel as soon as I could.

I found the Deacon and asked if he could and would cast the spell. He said he would but according to the scroll we had to wait until a full moon. Luckily Targen has 3 moons and at least one is full each week. The next full moon will be in 2 days and the Deacon said he would cast it then.

Two days passed without much excitement and after dusk on day 2 The Brotherhood came to see me off. They each shook my had and wished me luck. Captain Thaddeus handed me a small ornately carved rod and said that it was a ‘rod of recall’ and at anytime anywhere I could break it and would be teleported to Deacon Arn’s side. I thanked him and wished them all well. Deacon started to chant the words of the scroll and the sky seem to get even darker the longer he chanted. As he was reaching a crescendo a seen similar to what I witness from the shuttle window appeared before me but on a much smaller scale. The wormhole appeared and was only large enough for one medium size creature to fit through at time. I stepped through the event horizon and everything went black…..



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